Since we are in the time of pandemic, we are offering a Blended-Online EMT program

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Message from our Graduates

Lucky Tiongco

the center delivers excellent training and services to its students

Erwin Lorenzana


the best training school for medical services and others

Jan Indunan


one of the best training I had in years

Mikoy De Guzman


quality teaching… thumbs up!!!

PEMSTAC is committed in producing world class and highly competent Emergency Responders in the field of EMS, Fire and Rescue as well as achieving and maintaining the highest standards in every facet of our operations.

We cater to clients that are in the sector of government, rescue volunteer groups, private sector, health care provider as well as medical schools.

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ID No is the numeric part of the Certificate No.

ie. E1234PH when the ID No is 1234